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AIRIS Qualifications

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Work Visa Requirment

🌟ASIC Registration
Australian ABN:62 164 688 957

🌟PIER Qualified Education Agent
QEAC No: L401

🌟UNAA (Western Australia) Membership
Member of United National Australia Association

🌟GTA Membership
Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association

🌟Quality offer screening

🌟Contract negotiation

🌟Visa applicaton guidance

🌟Culture Training

🌟24x7 Support Service

All the above service is 100% free of charge.

🌟Native English speakar

🌟Bachelor degree or above

🌟Police clearance check

🌟Medical check

All the above are required to obtain a work visa for ESL teacher  in China 

Our Story


  1. Maple Leafs
    Maple Leafs
  2. PIER
  3. TEFL
  4. UNAA
  5. CVA
  6. Romp n Roll
    Romp n Roll
After rolling in the ESL industry for more than 15 years, we heard so many scam stories from teachers and schools. A well planned working holiday can be easily runied by an unexpected cheating. 

Do you need a competative ESL position? Do you need look after when you overseas? That's what AIRIS do. As an ESL service provider, AIRIS Education and Training Exchange Center is an Australia regersted company with offices in both  Austrlia and China.

We mainly focus on providing the qulity ESL service for our partner schools and universities in China. AIRIS have long time cooperation with more than 100 verified schools and universities with good reputaions and quality facilities in China.

With our deep understanding about Chinese culture and education system, we match the qulified ESL teachers with qulity schools, and maximize the ESL teachers‘ benefit. 

If you want to have a brilliant ESL teaching experience in China, contact us, we can provide valuable free advices to help you to avoid all potential scams.  

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AIRIS Education and Training Exchange Center